Where To Get Weed Seeds

weed seeds

Where To Get Seeds

Getting seeds for the marijuana crop is a necessity when planting unless clones will be used and there are several places where the grower can obtain seeds. Seeds can be from saved seeds, they can be from someone else that grows and they can also be purchased on the Internet at websites that sell seeds. 

The important thing is to obtain the right seeds for planting the outdoor cannabis crop, seeds that will grow to their full maturity in the allotted amount of time for the growing season in the area they will be planted.

This has to be a main consideration even over top of personal tasted. If the wrong seed is chosen then the plants may not reach maturity and would not be able to be harvested in the amount of time the growing season is in the area. If the weed crop were not ready to harvest by the end of the season then there would be no point in taking the risk of growing the crop. 

There are seeds that have been genetically bred for different growing seasons and with different heights, so it is easy for the grower to find the right seed for growing outdoors in the ground soil crop or for growing in the outdoor greenhouse. This is because the outdoor greenhouse poses different problems for growing the weed crop, while many outdoor marijuana seeds will turn into plants that grow as tall as 7 to 8 feet, the greenhouse is a crop better served with a shorter bushier plant crop.

What Size Does Outdoor Weed Grow

When planting weed crops outdoors one of the advantages is the size difference that can be seen from the inside crop. The weed crop has the advantage with the right seeds chosen of growing as high as 7 to 8 feet in height, with roots that can spread as much as 5 feet across. 

This size is if the plant is grown in soil that has the properties the plant needs, such as proper drainage while able to hold moisture and that does not form hard clumps but is rather light in nature. 

This means if the soil is squeezed in the hand and forms a lump when it is released is falls apart, this is good soil for planting. The advantage of planting the weed in good soil versus poor soil can be a yield at harvest of between 2 and 10 times the harvest. 

While it is not possible to plant in good soil the poor soil can be enhanced to have the properties and nutrients that will grow the weed to its fullest potential. To do this a hold should be dug approximately 4 feet in depth and in diameter; this should then be filed with a soil mixture of potting soil, planting mix and compost. This will give the seedling and then the growing weed plant the soil and nutrients it will need to grow to its full potential. The plants will then have the ability to grow the full height of 7 to 8 feet with the right care and weather conditions.


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