What is needed for growing weed indoors

What is needed for growing weed indoors

Growing marijuana indoors means having certain equipment, there is the need to give the plants the things the outdoor plant would have, such as light, sun and nutrition. All of this can be simulated to grow plants that are healthy indoors and it’s possible to grow year-round, which in many locations cannot be done outside.

There are questions the cannabis grower needs to ask them selves, such as:

  • Is there is enough space in the room? 
  • Are there enough electrical outlets in the room?
  • Will it be easy to get water in this room?
  • Can the temperature be controlled properly?
  • Will the plants be able to be seen by anyone passing by?

These are some of the concerns that need to be addressed when preparing to grow marijuana, the plants need care to mature and produce. When indoor plants are taken care of properly they often contain more resin than the plant grown outdoors and that along with the advantage of having the crop within easy reach is a large advantage to having healthy plants. 

The things that will be needed are peat pots or plugs for starting the seedlings and then pots approximately 6 inches in diameter, for transplanting the seedlings into prior to planting them in their large pots that they will mature in. 

The plants also require light, many hours a day and for this there are several types of lighting, grow lights, florescent and others. The plants will also need ventilation and a house fan can provide that.

The Equipment 

The equipment that is needed for growing marijuana indoor’s is pots, soil, water, a pH testing kit, lighting, ventilation and fertilizer. These are the tools that are needed and they are easy to obtain from gardening stores, hardware stores, nurseries and other places. 

When planting there will be several pots needed, first for the seedlings they will require a peat pot or a peat plug, this will only last a short time, then they will need to be transplanted into a pot about 6 inches in size and when they begin to out grow this pot they will be transplanted into a pot the proper size for them to mature. 

Watering is one of the most important factors in growing a healthy marijuana plant and distilled water is used especially when the seedlings are young, to ensure they are given water that will not harm them. 

The plants will also need fertilizer and this can be the same water soluble fertilizer that is used on houseplants and outdoor gardens. Testing the pH level of the soil should be done prior to fertilizing, marijuana plants grow best when there is a 6 to 7 ph level. It is also possible to manipulate how quickly they grow and if they are a male or female plant. 

Lighting is the most important thing for growing marijuana plants, indoors they will need many hours of lighting and this is done using grow lights, florescent lighting, metal halide lighting and high sodium lighting. Each of these lights give off a different amount of watts and they also give off different colors of rays such as red, orange or blue.

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