What are the risks of weed growing

What are the risks of weed growing

The risks of growing the outdoor weed crop can come from several different occurrences, the first is that it can be found by authorities and it would then be destroyed. The only good thing about this is, as long as it is not on your property there is no way for them to know whose crop it was. Since growing marijuana is not legal the crop needs to be well hidden and caution needs to be taken when visiting the crop. 

The next risk in growing weed outside is not letting anyone know where it is no matter how good the crop looks. This is because people can watch the crop, watch you care for it and when it is time to harvest take the crop. 

The third risk is nature, there are animals such as deer, chipmunks and rodents that will eat the plants and this can kill them. There are bugs in the dirt and that swarm from area to area destroying crops and weed is not immune to them. The weather can also be a factor in damaging the crop; heavy winds can break the stalks and can rip the buds from the plants. Heavy rains and hail, which also occur from time to time during a planting season can, do damage to plants and drought can make it more difficult to grow a flourishing crop. 

Any of these events can be destructive to the cannabis plants that are outside and as a grower there is only a certain amount of protection possible to give the plants.

How to cut the risk

There are some risk when growing an outdoor marijuana crop and some steps that can be taken to cut the risk as much as possible since it is partly Mother Nature that it will need to be protected from also. 

The first way to protect the crop and cut the risk is to plant the pot seedlings in an area where detection will be difficult and this includes by plane. This is one of the ways many crops are found, by authorities using planes to search for crops, or by someone else flying even for enjoyment that takes it upon them self to report the crop to the authorities. 

The second risk is letting anyone know where the crop is located, there are people that would wait for the weed to be ready to harvest and then steal the mature plants. 

The third risk is protecting the seedlings and the growing plants from Mother Nature, this in some cases is almost impossible, weather is out of the grower’s control. During the growth of the cannabis if it is a dry growing season then watering the plants will be necessary. Putting a fence around the plants can keep out larger animals such as dear and if it is a closely gauged fencing it can keep smaller critters out, such as chipmunks, rabbits and rodents. To battle bugs that can attack the plants there are many things that can be used including steel wool for cut worms, placed around the bottom of the plants.

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