Things You Want To Know About Marijuana Seeds

Cross-breeding of distinct marijuana varieties has been practiced by people for ages now and in some way or another, perhaps this is the reason for the existence of so many different marijuana seeds these days. As you most probably already know, growing marijuana is an art and undeniably, understanding this art starts with acquiring knowledge about the different types of marijuana seeds on the market globally. It is generally acknowledged that many people don’t tend to achieve much when trying their luck with growing marijuana and the main reason for this lies in the fact that weak origins of marijuana seeds are chosen by many out of ignorance or else indifference.

Distinguishing between the good and the bad marijuana seeds

Many professional marijuana growers tend to argue that there are no such things as exceptionally good marijuana seeds and if you get the cultivation procedures right then nothing will come in your way of producing highly successful yields. However this is not technically right. Growing marijuana in your backyard can be very different from growing roses or even marigolds. If you want to get anywhere with growing marijuana then it is absolutely important for you to consider the genetics of the marijuana seeds you choose to use unless of course you don’t mind spending months on or even years trying to get the cultivation techniques right.  On a separate note, it is also important for you to note that growing marijuana can be an exceptionally expensive practice and if you take that particular fact into consideration then I think it makes sense for you to at the very least try and get things right in one go. As it is, if you choose weak marijuana seeds for your backyard cultivation of the plants then at the very outset of the growing season of your crops you should prepare yourself to yield nothing but sick looking cannabis plants.

Understanding the different marijuana seeds on the market

Biologically, marijuana plants are capable of reproduction using either cross-pollination as the mechanism of reproduction or else seeds of the cannabis plants can also be produced using a reproduction pathway known as self-pollination or else vegetative cloning. If you go into the genetics of the two reproduction pathways then you will undoubtedly come across the fact that marijuana seeds produced through self-pollination tend to be of weaker origins and these seeds should be selected against.

The genetic pool of the marijuana seeds known to man these days

In theory, it is known that marijuana is a highly resilient cannabis crop, capable of thriving in many countries of the world but in practice, the reality of the situation can be very different from what scientists predict. These days, if you consider the genetic pool of the commonly used marijuana seeds then you will come across a very interesting as well as important fact. Most of the marijuana seeds used worldwide these days originate from Afghanistan, a country that has been a gigantic dealer of the cannabis plants in the past.

The common marijuana seeds of the 21st century

The white widow marijuana seeds

The white widow marijuana seeds are perhaps the most rewarded of all the popular cannabis seeds in the world of today. Produced from marijuana plants with THC-glands, the cannabis plants derived from these marijuana plants are feasted on particularly in Holland for the simple reason that the legal herbs produce an endlessly soft smoke, which gives great highs.

The ganja dwarf marijuana seeds

If you are a marijuana enthusiast then you should most probably already know that the ganja dwarf marijuana plants are the only auto-flowering marijuana plants derived from marijuana seeds which show special strains. The ganja dwarf marijuana seeds give rise to highly resilient cannabis plants requiring very little input in terms of sunlight exposure or even human intervention for breeding. The marijuana seeds are also known to be capable of producing crops throughout the year, something that marijuana growers swear by.

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