Planting from seed and other ways to germinate weed seeds

Planting From Seed

Planting marijuana from seed is similar to planting other garden seeds; it will take time to see even the first sign of the plant, usually at least 7 to 14 days. Many people who plant indoor cannabis gardens do not attempt direct planting, as it is easier to plant the seed when it is already germinated. The germinating of the seeds is not difficult and ensures that the seed will stand a better chance once it is planted in soil. 

When planting the cannabis seed the soil should be a sterilized prepared soil, one that has been purchased from the garden store, nursery, hardware store or elsewhere. Soil from the yard should not be used and if it must be used then it will need to be sterilized by baking it in a low temperature oven for approximately a couple of hours. This is to kill any disease germs in the soil and also any bugs or bug eggs that are dormant in the soil. 

The soil is extremely important and just as important as the soil is the things that should be added to the soil, such as pearlite or sponge rock to lighten the soil and help it drain better. Then there should also be an amount of sand added to the soil; this will make the soil easier for the roots of the cannabis seed grab on better, making a sturdier stem. It will also allow the soil to hold the right amount of moisture without being wet.

Other Ways To Germinate Seeds

There are several ways to germinate marijuana seeds and among them is the method of using a sponge, there is also a method many people use where paper towels are used. When using paper towels to germinate cannabis seeds there are two methods growers are fond of. The first is by using several paper towels folded, wetting them and squeezing out the water. Making the towels so that they are damp, but not wet. Then they are laid out and the seeds are put on the damp paper towel and more damp paper towels are laid on top of the seeds. Then the paper towels that are holding the seeds are placed in a dark warm place to germinate. 

This process usually takes approximately 48 hours, but the paper towels must be checked on at lease every 12 hours to ensure they have not dried out. If they need to be moistened then the use of a spray bottle will dampen them without making them to wet. 

There is another method that some people use and that is basically the same as the first way with the exception of a final step they take prior to placing the seeds in a warm dark place. This is to place the damp paper towels in a glass or a glass jar, this they feel is a way of creating humidity so the seeds will germinate faster and is more reliable. It still often takes approximately 48 hours for the seeds to crack and the root to show.

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