Nutrients for weed growing what they are and why they are needed

What Plant Food Is Needed At What Times During Growth

During the growth of the cannabis plants they will have different nutritional needs, as these change there is a need to use different types of plant foods. Using the proper plant foods at the right times will result in healthy plants and a bountiful harvest. 

To give the cannabis plants what they need during the vegetative growth, a plant food with a high content of nitrogen will be needed and this is when a plant food or fertilizer mix of 20 – 10 –10 will be best used, this contains 20 percent nitrogen, 10 percent phosphorus and 10 percent potassium. A 30 – 15 – 15 mix will also work well, this will give the growing cannabis plants 30 percent nitrogen. 

When the plants are flowering they will need more phosphorus and potassium and less nitrogen than they needed during their vegetative growth. During this time they will also need calcium for a healthy flowering growth. 

It is also possible to find a hydroponics nutrient solution that can be used, which will have the proper mixes for the different stages of growth, although they will be a larger expense than plant foods in most cases. 

There are also two and three part hydroponics nutrition solutions that allow the grower to mix the amount of nitrogen, phosphorus or potassium that is needed during the vegetative growth and during the flowering growth of the cannabis plants. 


Nutrients What They Are And Why They Are Needed

Anyone that grows crops of pot plants knows that they need nutrients and this comes from plant food or fertilizer. What will be found in these plant foods or fertilizers is nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, along with other trace elements. Some of these trace elements include baron, copper, molybdenum, calcium, sulphur and magnesium, manganese, iron and zinc.

These are all necessary in the health of the growing crop, they are measured in an N-P-K format, this stands for N = Nitrogen, P = Phosphorus, K = Potassium. There are fertilizers that are 15 – 15 – 15 of the N-P-K, and there are also plant foods that are 20 – 10 – 10, this is 20 percent Nitrogen, 10 percent Phosphorus and 10 percent Potassium. 

When growing a marijuana crop, the manufacturers directions should not be followed during the first two weeks of life, as it will be to strong for weed plants. It should also not be mixed to the directions during the first two weeks of flowering; instead during these two times the plant food should be mixed so that it is half strength. This means if the direction call for adding one tablespoon of plant food for a gallon of water, it should be mixed so that it is ½ tablespoon of plant food per gallon of water. 

The plant food is to strong for the delicate seedlings and during the first two weeks of flowering and can cause problems such as burn ends on the leaves and other signs that the chemical mixture is harming the plant.

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