Marijuana Laws

We take a look at California Today- Of couse we are not lawyers and laws are constanly changing so do a little more research and talk with an attorney if you want to know the currents laws of your state. “Before starting with you growing attempts”

Farmer Holding a Cannabis Plant, Farmers are planting marijuana seedlings.

Across the world there is much talk about the status of the marijuana plant in the different countries of the world but perhaps the one country that has the most controversial status is California. The California marijuana laws are very clear and straightforward as well but for some reason, the concept of the legislatures eludes many. In California, anything that has to do with the plant Cannabis sativa L. is taken to be marijuana. As simple as that. Whether you grow marijuana in your backyard or you simply keep a little of the different marijuana plant derivatives such as salts or even resin extracts at home, basically, you will be assessed by law as being a person in possession of marijuana.

California marijuana laws surrounding the possession of marijuana

1. According to the marijuana laws of the state of California, any person who is found in the possession of any concentrated cannabis product is liable for prosecution by law. The punishment is likely to take the form of imprisonment for a year or else it can also take the form of a fine that will normally not exceed $500. Under severe circumstances, a person can also see himself being subject to both a fine of $500 and an imprisonment period of a year.

2. Under the marijuana laws of the state of California, any person which is found to be in possession of not more than 28.5g of a marijuana product other than concentrated cannabis is liable for prosecution and the punishment for the infraction is likely to take the shape of a fine of $100 or less. Likewise, if a person is found guilty of possessing more than 28.5g of marijuana at any one point in time then that person is punishable for the serious infraction caused by a fine of not more than $500 or the person could also serve an imprisonment period of not more than a year.

3. The marijuana laws of the state of California also clearly stipulate that for people aged 18 and above, possession of not more than 28.5g of marijuana can result in a punishment for infringement of law  by imprisonment or else a fine not exceeding $500. For people under 18, the marijuana laws can be somewhat different. If a person under 18 is found guilty of being in possession of not more than 28.5g of marijuana or even the other concentrated cannabis products known to man then punishment can take the form of a fine not exceeding $250. Imprisonment is not allowed for people under 18.

4. Unless authorized by law, people living in the state of California are not allowed the cultivation of marijuana or any part of the cannabis plant and any such cultivation can lead to a punishment by imprisonment.

5. For the treatment of seriously ill Californians, the use of marijuana is allowed by law although the medical use will need to be thoroughly examined and authorized by people entitled to provide verdicts on such serious matters. In general, the use of marijuana as a medicine is only allowed when the medical treatment is recommended by a physician who has it clear why the use of the drug will be beneficial for the health of the person concerned.

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