How can marijuana seeds be germinated?

In today’s article, I’d like to share my experience in marijuana seed germination.  Germination is a rather important process since it is a key to rich and high-quality harvest. During germination, vital processes are stimulated and seeds transform to sprouts. For this process to be successful, high-quality pure water, oxygen access, and warmth are required. Note that it is better to purchase seeds at trusted web stores or at online seed banks. This way you will, in the end, receive a decent harvest of aromatic weed. Now let’s discuss the most popular methods of seeds germination.

Which factors influence seeds germination?

  1. Cannabis seeds should be germinated at temperatures from 21°C to 27°C. Ideally, seeds should be germinated under the daylight. However, this rule cannot always be followed, therefore, use high-quality light sources.
  2. Seed cultivars. It’s better to purchase high-quality seeds from a seed bank. In this case, you can be sure that the time devoted to germination will not be wasted. Also, you can use services of web stores providing checked seeds which, in the end, grow into strong plants.
  3. Use pure water, and when in doubt of its sterility, add some hydrogen peroxide to each liter of water. By soaking seeds in pure water, you will get rid of any mold and rotting. 

How can seeds be germinated in water?

This method of germination is suitable for the seeds which have been stored for a long time, and their shells have become rigid. Besides, water is an irreplaceable factor playing an important role in the germination process since the seed tries to get the required amount of water as much as possible. Using this method, you can be sure that your seeds will germinate for sure. It is advisable to place cannabis seeds into a glass and flow them with distilled water. When in water, your seeds will receive the required amount of water and their shell will soften.

Note that the seeds may be kept in water for a 24-hour period, but not more. Otherwise, risk of oxygen deprivation arises with consequential death of the seeds. After the 24-hour period, take out the seeds and plant them into the soil.

How can seeds be germinated in a paper towel?

This method implies the use of paper towels for germination. Seeds should be placed on a wetted paper towel and covered with cotton wool, or the other half of the paper towel. Also, gauze cloth or cotton wool can be used as well. This method allows maintaining the optimal humidity level, which is a key to the successful germination. Having placed the seeds on the paper towel, take it to a warm place, which will promote their fastest germination.

Using this method, watch for the towel and the seeds not to overdry. Otherwise, you risk to lose the seeds, and the germination attempt will fail. That’s why I recommend checking the marijuana seeds daily, until the taproot appears. After the taproot develops, place the seeds into a growing medium you chose for weed growing. Be careful not to damage the gentle sprout. For this purpose, use pincers or pliers. Warning! The root that appeared is rather fragile, so don’t touch it as not to kill the marijuana seeds.

Basing on my personal experience I’d like to say that this germination method is rather productive. However, remember that the sprouts are very gentle and easy to damage. That’s why I recommend to be careful when placing the sprout into the growing medium.

Planting marijuana seeds directly into the soil


This method of cannabis seed germination is the clearest and natural. However, only good and fresh seeds are suitable for it. For germination, you will need specially treated soil mix; place the seeds into it and water them. Basing on my personal experience, I recommend using soil for young plants, or for germination. Such mixes feature the ideal balance of minerals and nutrients. So, the planted seeds will germinate quickly.

Do not plant the seeds in common soil since it may contain large amounts of nutrients and admixtures, which may overfeed and damage the seeds. Place the seeds to a depth of 3 to 5 mm. At that, check the soil moisture content: the soil should be moist, but not wet. The required moisture content can be maintained with a transparent plastic shell which should be moistened from the inside using a spray bottle. You can make such a shell yourself with a usual plastic bottle and place it over the pots with the planted seeds.

After planting the seeds, the pots should be placed in a warm room. Nature will take care of all the rest. If you used fresh and well-stored seeds, sprouts will appear in 2–4 days. After that, remove the plastic shell, we won’t need it anymore. Instead, place lamps over the pots.

Marijuana seed germination in coconut

Marijuana seeds can also be germinated in coconut as well. Coconut fiber substrate has multiple advantages:

  • growing in coconut is not different in any way from cultivation in common soil;
  • the substrate features better aeration;
  • coconut fibers are beneficial to the root system: the roots receive the required amount of moist and nutrients;
  • no parasites or noxious insects appear in the coconut soil;
  • thanks to easy penetration of oxygen and nutrients, bushes will develop much faster than in common soil;
  • coconut can be re-used many times: the growing medium keeps its initial properties for 5 to 6 years;
  • such a substrate is environment friendly and safe.

It’s rather simple to germinate cannabis seeds in coconut substrate. For that, fill a glass with the fibers and place the seeds in it to a depth of 1 cm. Then, cover the glass with PE film and leave in a warm room for 2–3 days. Do not forget to control the substrate moisture content, water the future plant when required with a solution of a mix developed specifically for seed germination. After ribbed leaves appear, remove the plastic cover and start watering your plant with a solution of calcium and manganese.

Check the appeared young plants regularly, arrange high-quality lighting, and be sure not to overheat the plants. When the ribbed leaves start being replaced with smooth ones, and a new “lot” of ribbed leaves, you can replant the young plants to permanent tanks with no hesitation.

How can marijuana germinated seeds be planted into soil?

As soon as the first sprouts appear, replant them into a permanent tank where they will grow and develop. Fill the pots with a sufficient amount of soil mix. Take a pencil, and make holes about 1 cm deep. Be careful when replanting the germinated seeds and sprouts, since the taproot is rather fragile. Use pincers to place the seeds into holes, with the root looking down. After that, cover the seeds with a layer of soil.

Use a spray bottle for plant watering during the first days after replanting. This will help in avoiding excessive moisturizing and keep the seeds from drowning. Also, it is advisable to purchase a pH-meter to check the soil mix for microelements and nutrients, and control moisture content. Seeds should germinate within 7 days. If that didn’t happen, your seeds most likely are dead.

Proper lighting plays a major role since it is beneficial for germination speed and bush development. If the leaves start turning yellow, this means that they lack lighting. Naturally, not all your seeds will germinate, some will die at the germination stage. Don’t worry about that, since bad experience is a substantial part of the growing process. Not all seeds are good and capable of bringing rich harvest.

Pot of what size should I use?

When selecting pots for marijuana young plants, follow these rules:

  1. Pots should have good drainage.
  2. Select pots which are not too large. Small pots require much less of soil, and it will not dry too fast, holding sufficient amounts of moisture.
  3. You may use small plastic cups or special cups, but be sure to make drainage holes in the bottom of them.

Most experienced growers start germinating cannabis in large pots from the very beginning, since each replanting is stressful for a plant, having a negative influence on plant’s development. For instance, auto-flowering breeds of marijuana may be planted in a growing container right away, since this type of cannabis has a strictly limited life cycle. After re-planting stress, plant’s growth slows down, with no time for rehabilitation. In this case, you are at risk of losing a share of harvest irreversibly.

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