Choosing weed seeds to grow at home

Choosing weed seeds

Choosing which seeds to use when deciding to grow marijuana plants indoors is important in order to have a good crop, having the right seeds will determine how well the plants grow and what they will mature too. 

When growing plants indoors many people chose a seed in which the plant will have a shorter time to maturity and flowering time. The shorter lived plants are usually a seed named indica and this is a relatively easy cannabis plant to grow, making it the right choice for the person that is trying out their first indoor marijuana crop. 

The person that is not concerned with the height of the marijuana plant and the amount of time it takes for it to mature and flower, choose the sativa hybrid in many case. The problem with this seed is it does not always do well indoors, so it takes an experienced grower. They also have an extended flowering time, which can often cause a low yield. To many indoor cannabis growers, because of the limited space of indoor planting that would be an unacceptable seed to plant. 

When growing indoors there is not the concern when choosing the seed about weather factors as the climate, which can be controlled with indoor crops. The indica is a marijuana seed that will flourish indoors and produce a decent sized harvest for the indoor grower. This is one of the reasons, along with the fact that it is easy to grow even by an inexperienced grower is the reason it is the main seed chosen for indoor crops.

Germinating In A Sponge

Germinating the marijuana seed is important; it is one way to be certain that the crop that will be grown indoors will grow. Many people that grow their cannabis plants indoors use a method to germinate the seeds using household sponges and there are several reasons for this.

To use the method of using household sponges to germinate the marijuana plants in the house some things will be needed. What will be needed is two new household sponges; these are regular kitchen sponges, known as cellulose sponges. These should be new so they are clean and free of any type of debris, they should be rinsed out so they also have no chemical residue from manufacturing. 

When the sponges have been rinsed out, they should be wet under the faucet and then squeezed out until they are slightly damp. Then the cannabis seeds should be laid on the sponge and so that they are not touching each other and then the second sponge is placed on top. 

The two sponges with the seeds in between should be placed in a warm dark spot such as a cupboard. During the next approximately two days the sponge should be checked on, if it is dry it should be misted with a spray bottle of water. Just enough to keep the sponges damp, but not wet so that the seeds will begin to crack the outer shell and the root end will begin to show, this is when the marijuana seed should be taken out of the sponges and planted in prepared soil in a peat pot or peat plug.

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