Cannabis greenhouse growing

Greenhouse Ganja Crops

Growing a ganja crop in a greenhouse is the best of both worlds, an indoor crop outdoors, this means there is protection from the weather, pests and disease and at the same time it has the advantage of the sun. The plants have the advantage of a longer growing season without the expense of lighting and in a heated greenhouse can be grown year round with the right care. 

Some of the things that are necessary like in the indoor crop the ganja needs ventilation, it will also need heat if grown during cool weather and the side of the greenhouse that can be seen will need to be covered with dark plastic so that the plants are not viewable. The top of the greenhouse and the other side if able to be left uncovered will provide enough sunlight. Fans may need to be installed and turned on if the greenhouse is warm, the temperature will need to be watched just as the temperature of the indoor garden. 

There is little worry about weather when using a greenhouse, while the plants have the advantage of the sun for light; they also have the protection of the greenhouse from wind and storms that can damage the ganja plant outside. Frost is also not a factor for the greenhouse plant, this is because in a greenhouse the temperature can be maintained with a heater to keep the plants at a consistent temperature that is beneficial to their growth.

Greenhouse Pot Seeds

Growing pot in a greenhouse is the best of both worlds for the plant, it gets the protection of the indoor’s and at the same time it gets the benefits of the sunlight. What the grower needs to consider carefully is the seeds they choose, the genetics of the seeds will make the crop grow a certain way. 

In a greenhouse it is important to choose the right type of seeds so the pot will grow bushy rather than extremely tall like many of the outdoor plants grow. This is because the plants that grow tall will reach the top of the green house before they are ready to be harvested. The busy plant that is shorter will serve better when being grown in a greenhouse. 

The advantage is the plants will grow the same as they would outdoors, but they will mature faster and the seeds even when first planted will not have the dangers that the outdoor seedling can suffer, like damage from pests and as it grows damage to the buds from wind or storms. 

The seed that has the genetic makeup to become a shorter busy plant is the perfect choice not only because of its size in the greenhouse. But also because of the advantages when caring for them, the shorter height will mean that there will be no need to stake the plants up.

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