Cannabis Cloning

Cannabis Cloning The Perfect Answer To The Perfect Strain Of Pot

There are times when a grower finds the perfect pot and to preserve it once a plant is grown from the seed, as the plant grows it can be cloned in this makes genetic copies of the perfect plant.

These cuttings that are taken from plant can then be put in rooting hormone and implanted in peat pots to start seedlings of this same genetic makeup. Once these cuttings are large enough to be transplanted it will then be able to be planted outside where the pot crop will grow to maturity and be harvested.

Cloning is not difficult when done step-by-step and can avoid problems such as having to purchase seeds. In order to clone will be needed such as a sharp razor, hormone powder or gel, a planting medium and peat pots. Prior to taking a cutting from the pot plant that has been selected, the soil should be prepared, this means a sterilized soil mixed with pearlite or rockwool and placed in the peat pots where it should be soaked with water. This should be done about 24 hours ahead of time so the soil is wet but not soaked. Then the cutting is taken from the pot plant and cut with a sharp razor so that it is a clean cut, not a shredded edge. The hormone powder or gel should be prepared so that it is ready to be used for the cutting. The cutting is then dipped in the hormone product and planted in the peat pot. These cuttings should be left in the light 24 hours a day with the light source at a distance of about 12 inches away from the cuttings.

Why Use A Clone

There are several reasons why people use clones when they are planting an outside crop of cannabis, one of the reasons is because this is genetic copy of another plant and usually one that they have found, which grows well and has the qualities they like when harvested. It also saves the need to look for seeds, because with clones there is the ability to never run out of the plant and it is the exact plant that had the quality of the grower liked.

Clones also mean that there is no seeds being sent through the mail should the grower by them over the Internet or getting seeds from anyone that also grows pot, because this is allowing other people to know the plans of growing an outdoor crop. Using a clone also guarantees if the mother pot plant has been grown outdoors within the allotted growing season that every clone will also grow within that allotted amount of time.

The best reason why people use clones is because they have found the perfect pot plant that gives them the type of high they want and with the clone it is possible to always have that same type of high.

Along with these reasons for using clones there is also the fact that the crop can be kept secret from anywhere you like to borrow seeds or buy seeds locally, since this is an illegal crop it is better to keep it as secret as possible.

Are There Growing Problems With Clones

When using clones to plant a crop of weed while this is an identical copy of the original plant it can have some vulnerability to disease. Another problem is here are some pot strains that in a clone very well maybe more difficult to root. 

There are some clones that will root quickly while others will take longer and some need an expert grower in order to be a successful cutting that will root. It is this reason that many cannabis growers will keep a favorite mother plant in order to clone from when growing season to the next.

The reason that a mother plant is kept is because allowing all of the females to flower can end up killing off a strain and that would defeat the purpose of cloning a favorite cannabis plant.

Cloning is not as easy as starting a pot crop from seed, however this is a sure way to continue growing the exact plant that is desired when harvested.

Some of the problems that can be seen in growing clones and even plants from seed is leave curl, the yellowing of leaves, the tips burned on the leaves, porter brittle stems, wilting and even bad roots. These problems can be found in plans that are healthy or plants that have grown in weak and straggly. These are problems that can also be found in other gardens and not only the cannabis crop.

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